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What Our Students Have to Say

My teacher in TuteeCamp is so good that I wish all English teachers in Japan were like him. His name is Eros. He can be your teacher and your friend at the same time. His warmth, cordiality, and friendliness will teach you the essence of the language, which is the joy of the interaction. Therefore, you will never be tired or bored learning English from him. You will also absorb his rich knowledge of English like a sponge because he spares no his intelligence. More to it, you should learn pronunciation from a good musician, and he's the one.
Yohei Goto
I couldn't believe my time studying with my teacher went by so quickly. Yet, it was the most fun and the most memorable one! His endless positivity made it a joy to come to class every day. The method he used to teach me is so effective and his personality is so encouraging. He is my "once in a lifetime" teacher that will stay with me in my heart forever. I have learned many things from him, not only english skills, but also artful creativity and so on. If there is a chance to attend his class again, I want to take it again and again.
Dulguun Elbegbayar
My TuteeCamp teacher, Jelly, teaches English with heart. She was my IELTS speaking teacher. To me, I can say, she is more than a teacher. She trains me to think logically, which is useful because I can correctly compose my sentences and arrange my ideas. She also strived to expand my vocabulary. She really helps me improve my English skills. If you wish to improve yours, take her class as well!
Thanh Truc Tran
Rainer is the most helpful English teacher I have ever had. He is handsome and has a perfect American voice. Every time I talk with him, I feel relax and happy. After a month training , my IELTS speaking score from 4.5 to 5.5. I am very grateful to him.

What Our Music Student Have to Say

My Guitar Plucking practice

Rhoswen Elleni

I have been learning the guitar for the past 3 years, and I’ve only become better since then with the help of Sir Ricardo. I started out uninterested, the idea of playing the guitar was just brought upon me by my father. Being me, I was hesitant about learning because the idea that I ‘had’ to do it hindered me. Although, when I did try learning on my own and explored the world of music, I began playing it more often that I anticipated. When I did get better, my father got me a guitar coach, Sir Richard Ricardo.

Once a week, I’d get an hour’s worth lesson and learnt every single second from it. Starting from basic lessons (Beginner Level 1A) such as the chords and strumming patterns to scales and music theory (Intermediate Level 2A). The lessons aren’t pressuring and you’ll be able to learn by your own pace, all that is needed is practice and dedication. I’d have to postpone our weekly lessons due to the Pandemic, but because of what I’ve learnt and studied, I can also learn by myself and a bit of research. I hope learning online works out great for all you aspiring artists and musicians, all that is needed is practice, perseverance, and dedication to the art.

My Song Cover