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We offer a system that provides a wholesome online community,
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and educators trained in international standards.

Guided Learning Materials

Gain access to instructional materials, activities and quizes for further knowledge fortification, guided by our friendly tutors.

Certification Training and Recruitment Program for Virtual Assistants

Acquire a training certificate and a job referral to local and international companies through our VA Camp.

Corporate System Partnership

Obtain a fully-functioning online system designed to your institution's needs and preferences.

Music and Arts

Learn everything you need to know about playing the guitar from our music instructors for who have years of knowledge and expertise.

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Receive the best learning experience from
our rigorously trained teachers and
our progress monitoring system.
Online Teachers
We offer ideal compensation packages,
career growth opportunities, trainings, and certifications.
Curriculum Contributors
Create and submit your very own
class materials based on our curricula
and receive a commission every time your contributions
are used in our classes.
Corporate Partners
Use our eLearning portal is specifically
configured to the need of your school,
organization, or company. Our technical
team from curriculum development
to the end users support will help you set up
your team, or simply we will take care of your ESL,
basic academic, and non academic
learners as corporate partners.

Course Samplers

Take a peek at our most popular courses

+3 to 6

Pygmy offers ESL learners classes on the letters and sounds of the English alphabet. Young Learners, here’s Pygmy for you 🙂

With speaking activities and brief stories, Risso takes ESL learners to different topics about homes, snacks, and weather among others. Further, each unit comes with pronunciation practice and prepares students for simple English grammar structures. Let English learning be fun with Risso 🙂

Bottlenose focuses on speaking activities which come with prompts for listening, reading, and grammar. Recommended for learners aged 10 and above who would like to have discussions about events, customs, and life experiences among others. With Bottlenose, have learners speak better 🙂

Bryde’s teaches how the English language is utilized in the business world. Further, Bryde’s features topics on business, such as economics, marketing, management, and finance. Bryde’s focuses on discussion or speaking lessons which have integration of audio/video materials, grammar, and vocabulary among others. If you are up for some interesting and challenging talks, get Bryde’s 🙂

Humpback offers Learners classes on the guitars beginners level 1A At the end of this course, learn the basics of guitar playing and be able to play 10 simple songs like a pro.

We accept staggered payment for courses lasting 50 minutes.

TUTEECAMP offers specialized Business English courses, Job-Related courses, General and Academic English courses to our Corporate Partners


Review for your language test with our experts.

Book now and join a wholesome, rigorous training carefully designed by our certified trainers and realize your full potential as language educators.

TuteeCamp has a wide array of Learning and Training Programs for Communicative, Business and Profession-specific English as well as skills trainings such as our Music Courses and our Virtual Assistant Training Camp.

Our curriculums and our Portal are systematically designed to go hand-in-hand in helping our clients follow the most effective path for their knowledge and skills to grow.

Students, teachers, and corporate partners can learn a lot more through interacting with our specialized teams of experts.

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What Our Students Have to Say

My teacher in TuteeCamp is so good that I wish all English teachers in Japan were like him. His name is Eros. He can be your teacher and your friend at the same time. His warmth, cordiality, and friendliness will teach you the essence of the language, which is the joy of the interaction. Therefore, you will never be tired or bored learning English from him. You will also absorb his rich knowledge of English like a sponge because he spares no his intelligence. More to it, you should learn pronunciation from a good musician, and he's the one.
Yohei Goto
I couldn't believe my time studying with my teacher went by so quickly. Yet, it was the most fun and the most memorable one! His endless positivity made it a joy to come to class every day. The method he used to teach me is so effective and his personality is so encouraging. He is my "once in a lifetime" teacher that will stay with me in my heart forever. I have learned many things from him, not only english skills, but also artful creativity and so on. If there is a chance to attend his class again, I want to take it again and again.
Dulguun Elbegbayar
My TuteeCamp teacher, Jelly, teaches English with heart. She was my IELTS speaking teacher. To me, I can say, she is more than a teacher. She trains me to think logically, which is useful because I can correctly compose my sentences and arrange my ideas. She also strived to expand my vocabulary. She really helps me improve my English skills. If you wish to improve yours, take her class as well!
Thanh Truc Tran
Rainer is the most helpful English teacher I have ever had. He is handsome and has a perfect American voice. Every time I talk with him, I feel relax and happy. After a month training , my IELTS speaking score from 4.5 to 5.5. I am very grateful to him.